It Came From Planet Earth! Strange, Weird and Unusual Animals

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There are only 35 kinds of animal and most are really weird

So tiny! Seriously, look at daddy long-legs over there! The maned wolf is characterized by his long coat, russet coloring, and of course his long limbs. He is one of a kind and it looks like he knows it, too! Check out the grin on that guy. What a special fellow. He seems a little confused himself! Hey, that antelope is wearing zebra-colored pants! This unique-looking animal is so special that it was actually made the national animal of the Congo. You can kind of see it in the ears and in its passion for all things grass- or vegetable-related.

He might look shy, but maras are actually quite social.

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Gerenuk: Have you ever seen anything like this wonderful animal before? That explains the long neck and passion for leaping….

Hooray for weird!

The gerenuk has been known to spit back out the things it cannot digest. His sweetly colored pink armor helps keep him safe from predators. Look for him in sand-covered locations or in the high plains. Red-lipped batfish: If you go looking for life near the Galapagos Islands you might see this sucker. This batfish is known for its brightly colored lips and its poor swimming ability. Instead of swimming like other fish, this guy relies on his lower pectoral fins to act as legs, pushing him along the ocean floor.

1. Glowing sea turtle

He might not be great at the whole swimming thing, but this bottom-dweller is always ready for a night out on the town. Wikimedia Commons. Thorny dragons have a false head on the back of their neck to throw off predators. These bizarre primates are most easily recognized by their enormous eyes and long, spindly fingers, both of which allow this animal to easily inhabit treetops at night. This animal's rotund shape allows it to inflate itself with air and puff up when danger comes near. This giant bird is known to be notoriously aggressive, eviscerating any creature that comes too close with its dagger-like talons.

Not all animals from Australia are killers; case in point, the tree kangaroo, which looks more like a stuffed animal than a living. This strange creature, found in North America, is distinguished by its bizarre, fleshy nose. Image Sources: Flickr left , Flickr right. One of the oldest types of rabbit, Angoras appear as veritable clouds with ears, marked by their intense amounts of fur.

They were once popular pets of 18th century French royalty. As the name suggests, these exotic creatures have extremely long noses that are believed to be the result of sexual selection. While feline-like in appearance, this carnivorous Madagascar native is close relative of the mongoose family.

This tiny, bizarre primate may have once inhabited mainland Asia, Europe, and North America, but can now only be found on a handful of Malaysian islands. Instead of a turtle's typically hard, dome-like shell, this bizarre animal sports a shell that resembles a flat slab of leather. With a confusing name and an equally as confusing appearance, this moth is able to hover over flowers to drink nectar, much like its equally tiny avian counterpart. We pored over the great catalog of life and pulled out 17 animals that you probably didn't know existed.

The red-lipped batfish lives in the waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands and are known to be terrible swimmers — they get around by using their fins to walk on the sea floor. The red-lipped batfish makes our list for obvious reasons: they look like they just found their mom's lipstick! Photo: Wikipedia Commons.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons. The lowland streaked tenrec lives in Madagascar and grows to be no more than 6 inches or so in length. Feeding mostly on earthworms and other insects, the streaked tenrec protects itself from predators with sharp barbed spines that grow out with its fur.

The 10 Weirdest Animal Stories of

The Japanese spider crab is the largest arthropod animals with exoskeletons, a segmented body, and jointed limbs in the world and can grow to be as large as 12 feet wide and 42 pounds in weight. As their name would suggest, they are found mostly in the waters surrounding Japan.

9) Extremely Rare White Giraffe Spotted

I vant to suck your blood! Winning the award for the creepiest, yet cutest, species of deer is the tufted deer, a creatures that combines an adorable face with somewhat terrifying fangs that grow down from the top jaw and pointy little horns that are reminiscent of little devils.

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Tufted deer can be found in China and other parts of Asia. This animal is gorgeous and it knows it. The glaucus Atlanticus is a sea slug that spends its days floating upside down in the water like in the photo below feeding on prey like the Portuguese man-o-war. admin