Thurgauer Kriminalgeschichten (German Edition)

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It is part of the answers to the questions the author raises in the book. Spring has apparently arrived, at least, our hedgehog thinks as much, since it made its first appearance yesterday. A French mystery. Malet writes mysteries with private eye Nestor Burma, each plays in a different Parisian quarter. A businessman is blackmailed, there are 14 corpses in the end, but Nestor solves it all. A trivial plot and at places, unlikely like, Nestor was knocked out and finds himself hand cuffed to a corpse - and he manages to put on his trousers, clean the room from his fingerprints and then walks along the corridor into hiding.

Easy read, written with some irony. Hello Paul, I see you have been able to get tons of new books again : I love the landscape photos - are they the one's from the book of Megan's dad? I hope everything is well, with you, Suki and the rest of your family. Hej Bianca, welcome back in Germany. You seem to be quite busy with reading and renovating? Yes, I copied some of Megan's father pix from his New Zealand landscape books. Such great pictures. Suki will go into hospital next Monday, probably for an operation on Tuesday. If they operated she will probably have to stay in the hospital for about ten days.

We prayed again together this morning, she is confident. Our garden is now blooming, the bees are busy collecting whatever the like, we have discovered a newt? And its quite warm. In the evening we are invited to a concert by a Korean ladies choir. There is a Swiss-Korean anniversary in diplomatic 50 years and military 60 years cooperation there are 5 military personnel still in Panmunjom, NNSC, taking notes of the peace treaty among the two Koreas , not an easy situation at the moment.

We had heard a very good concert. There were two choirs who first sang separate songs and then sang three songs together. The Korean ambassador to Switzerland was the honorary guest. The choirs were singing great, there were about 80 women and three men the Frankfurt choir is a mixed one , and they sang prisoners' choir from Nabucco Coro di schiavi Ebrei.

They sang mostly Korean songs, 'home', 'homeland' was the theme. Schubert in Korean. It was a great evening. A few more gifts: - Fehlfunktion : Roman by Peter F. Hello Paul! Wow, there are some great books you collected. I just watched a version of "Arirang" on youtube and it must have been a nice experience to hear it "live on stage". Have a sunny weekend! Hej Megan, daughter of Andris, I like to get many gifts bot not Gifte, which would be poisons. The Chinese characters on the tomb stone are listing the names and birth places of the ancestors.

Malet wrote a mystery about almost every arrondissement of Paris. And the German new editions add a few pages information about these arrondissements. Arirang is really a nice song and relatively easy to learn. And when performing such a song wearing the traditional hanbok clothes its also an impressive view.

I enjoy a beautiful sunny Sunday, so I took a few pictures in the garden: our tortoise warming up in the sun some dew left over. Hello Paul, just stopping by to wish you a great week! I love your garden pictures, especially the one with the tortoise. Doe the tortoise have a name? And I like the picture of the choire - it is absolutely lovely! In regards to waiting for results - I do believe you and Suki now how tiring that can be. I don't know how long it will be until I will see the liver specialists and until I know what's the matter with my odd blood tests and the odd results of my other investigations.

Your weekly book hauls are absolutely amazing Paul. I wish we would have something like that here. You're welcome, Diana. I especially like the tiny water drop in the leaf - it had a deep blueish color which isn't showing so clearly in the fotograf. Bianca, you're right about getting on living - Suki changed a few of her eating habits, otherwise she wasn't thinking too much about the results in between hospital or doctor's visits.

I wish all the strength and peace for your life. The tortoise is growing - the shell scales are coming off in the sun. We had three of them one for each child , but one died within the first two months. The names are 'Georgina' according to the hero in Eidf Blyton's Famous Five and 'The Gardener' don't remember, but must also stem from a story I told the kids during that time.

Which one sits here in the sun, I don't know. A very interesting books about new libraries from all over the world, edited by an architect or writer on architecture. Suki has been operated yesterday. It went all well - according to the doctors, waiting now for the results from the laboratory. She is okay, sleepy after the chemical knock-out anaesthesia?

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Probably has to stay till next week in hospital. A prostitute commits suicide, a journalist has a deadly car accident, and then a politician just days. The laboratory finds some poison. So Hauptkommissar Sonne starts the investigations and finds out that all three deaths are related. A quite good German mystery.

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Hi Paul- Just checking in. Another nice book haul! Good for you. Hi Paul, Stopping by to send good wishes to you and Suki. The photos on your thread are beautiful. The choral concert sounds lovely. Nabucco has one of my favorite choruses: Va pensiero. I never fail to find it stirring. Hello Paul, great to hear that the surgery went well. I send you good thoughts and I hope that she'll recover soon. All the best to Suki and you! Hej Mark, welcome over here. I was lucky, that's true. My mother is also a Nabucco fan.

Rhonda, thanks for coming by. We saw the surgeon today and he was explaining what he did and how he worked, and he is confident, that he cut everything out which was cancerous. So far, so good. Servus Kathy, thanks for the good wishes - Suki is feeling well under the circumstances.

She got bored today during the day Maybe she can start with physiotherapy in two days. A Swedish mystery about Annika Bengtzon, a reporter from Stockholm who gets to write a newsreport on a gas-attack in Spain. The whole family of a Swedish ice hockey player gets murdered with toxic gas in their villa. Annika then finds out that one girl of the family was missing and she wants to find out, what happened to her and what is behind that crime. A bit a complicated plot with many people involved, but well done.

Suki was released from the hospital today - she came home in the afternoon and started cleaning the house and doing her laundry before I came home from work Next Tuesday she has the next appointment in the hospital regarding her wound and the results from the laboratory. We will see what they will tell us. Thank you all for thinking about us. LOL Suki sounds very much like myself. I am sure we would get on very well. I remember that I had my C-section on a Friday morning, went home on the Sunday evening and on the Monday I was already shopping and cleaning.

Although, I do have to admit that I did faint on the Tuesday and after that I slowed down as I was told. However, I am so glad that she is feeling that well after the surgery and hope that the check-up next week will be ok. Thank you for your kind words Paul! I hope you will have a wonderful weekend! The 2nd part of the Tinkerfarm. The Jenkins kids are on holidays on the strange farm again, Lucinda starts to communicate with the baby dragon. But then uncle Gideon gets sick - poisoned, but by whom?

A story for young adults. We have been to the hospital this morning. But there will be no further treatment for the time being, because radio- and chemotherapy would both lead to more side effects than do any effective good. Suki has to have physiotherapy. She can't go back to work, with which she has some trouble imagining Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts which came our way. I'm glad she's doing well, Paul. I hope the pain and stiffness go away soon, it's hard to deal with not being able to move normally. Thanks, Ursula, she is doing very good. It was a big help that one of the daughters stayed with us since Friday, but she goes back today and so, Suki wants to make everything on her own Agamemnon gets home after the victory over Troia.

A warm welcome by the people but a rather chilly one from his wife A classic Greek drama. Kinsey should investigate a fire of a warehouse but then finds herself set up as conspirator in a fraud I like the alphabet mysteries. Hello Paul, I am so glad to hear that Suki continues to improve, also I can understand how she feels about not going back to work. However, I do hope she will not overstretch herself, now that your daugther is gone.

Seeing you listing Agamemnon Orestie I makes me want to give it a go at one point. I always shy from this kind of literature away, because I am worried that it will be to difficult to read. I wish you and your family a great week Paul. Thanks Bianca, Suki was working today in the garden but then she realized how weak she is - she had to stop everything and lay down - that was tough for her.

I started with Agamemnon and didn't have a clue, then I read a paragraph in the afterward about the content and started again and understood, what's it all about I am not too good in ancient Greek history nor Greek geography, so the names didn't ring bells, only grains of dust. But it is worthwhile for a change. Paul- Wow! You have been adding the books. Looks like you might need to add a few more bookshelves too or build an annex. I read many Kinsey Milhone books and enjoyed them but haven't picked one up in years.

Love the hedgehog! When we were in Germany, my husband and I were super excited to see one outside one night. All the Europeans we were with were completely disinterested and I'm pretty sure they thought we were crazy. Hedgehogs are adorable. Hej Mark, I wonder myself where to put all these books I will read more Grafton when I get to it. Ursula, we do love our hedgehog. They are becoming rare around here - too many streets and houses, and often people have a very clean garden with no hiding places during winter. Hi Paul, love the hedgehog pic : and did you decide already on a name for this wonderful creature?

So, that's where you always get your books from : and I agree with you, you definitely need some shelves to give this poor books a home. Oh, I see that you managed to get Karlsson vom Dach. I love Astrid Lindgren Stories. And I see you got the Bernhard Hennen books, absolute fantastic fantasy read. I am sure that you will enjoy them.

Hej Bianca, no, I still have no name for the hedgehog - but it's gone anyway now. Maybe one is coming back in autumn. I love Lindgren, too. I am looking forward to reading Hennen's books. Paul, enjoyed catching up as always - lots of lovely and diverse photos here. Great going mate! Hej Paul, thanks for coming over. I am pleased that some of my pictures find some admiration : Good to have you back home. Hi Paul I'm glad the surgery went well and that Suki continues to improve. I send prayers and kind thoughts that the future will be bright and sunny. By the way Paul Craswick told me that you, he and I have accumulated a lot of books this year.

I guess that might make us members of the book hoarder club. All good wishes. And, I love your photos, particularly those of New Zealand. Hej Linda welcome in my small world and thanks for all the prayers and thoughts on behalf of Suki and me. I appreciate that very much. Suki came to church this morning but then was too tired to come with me to the Korean church in the afternoon. She has to take life a bit slower. I know, book hoarding is my hobby? Hi, Paul! I'm so far behind on your thread!

But I'm glad Suki is doing well. I also love all your pictures, especially the cemeteries. I'm also a cemetery tourist--I love touring old graveyards. Charles, visiting the graves of all of our forebears. Although I agree with Ursula--"old" in the US doesn't mean anything near what "old" would be in Germany.

Anyway, stay well and take good care of your wife! Thanks fo coming by and have good start into the new week. Hello Paul, just stopping by to wish you and your family a wonderful week : I am off to London again tomorrow, which means I still will be quite busy today :. No, I will not look at all your add ons Paul! Wish you and Suki a great weekend Paul!

Hej Bianca, thanks for passing by and not looking : Besides books we visited also two concert with Korean musicians: One was in Seltisberg as last year in commemoration of 50 years of Korean-Swiss diplomatic liaisons, with Eung-Kwang Lee Theater Basel who sang from various operas from Verdi, accompanied on the piano by David Cowan also from the Theater Basel the second concert was by a Swiss piano player and a Korean violin player, she was brilliant.

I just can't find the programme any more Hej Paul, you are right 'Way. Cataloguing all these books takes so much time. But I like adding first and last sentences of each book - it gives always an impression of the book. The first sentence was also a topic at the Solothurner Literaturtage today. The diversity is not unity, it widens one's horizon. I haven't read any of these so far. Michel in on top of the Kleine Gelmenhorn. Paul, fantastic pictures! Not to mention very impressive reading progress towards the magical 75 number! Cheers, Charles. Hej Charles, welcome over here.

I am pleased that you like my pictures. Yes, I had a very good start and am slowing down now. I will get there eventually On Saturday before Mother's Day our daughters invited us and my mother for brunch in Lucerne I had to pay But that was good, to be together with the whole family. We were lucky with the weather, too, it didn't rain when we walked through Lucerne. On the way home we stopped a the Linner Linde the linden of Linn , an old, huge tree.

My boss in the shop one of my jobs is in Israel at the moment, so I work longer than usual. Finally I finished another book reading took me a long time 61 The book of books : the radical impact of the King James Bible, by Melvyn Bragg. An interesting book, full of details. He starts with the Tyndale and Geneva bibles as forerunners to the King James Version AV , and then goes on to show the impact the AV had on literature, language, society, politics etc.

Especially the beginning of democracy, women's rights, end of slavery were interesting and stimulating reading. He takes the position that being Christian is being religious, and so believing in no God is not religious. A position I very much doubt. I believe that there is a God or that there is no God. I believe that I am created by God or I believe that I evolved out of something else. Religion gives answers to where I come from, where I am going to, and what I should do in between. He misinterprets the Onan story: Onan was not condemned because he did spill his semen on the ground, he was condemned because he refused to make his dead brother's wife pregnant.

He also takes New Testament apocrypha and argues with those texts - despite the fact that these texts were not in the King James Version. A very detailed book, worthwhile reading when beinbg aware of his presuppositions. That one is on my TBR list already, Paul. It is one of the books that was written for the th anniversary of the King James Bible.

Wow, the books just keep rolling in. You are going to make Mr. Cranswick insanely jealous. Love the tree photo. That's a big boy! Hej Lori, good, let me know how you felt about it. I saw a review somewhere New York Times? And I am still intrigued by it - especially by all the other books which are mentioned by Bragg. Hej Mark, welcome. I hope that Paul isn't getting too insane : I know, I have a huge advantage: I don't have to pay for the books. I got another two bags full waiting to be catalogued. But I feel like I should be reading a little bit more, than just cataloguing them.

The Linner Lindenbaum is really a big boy and I showed it to a lot of our relatives from Korea and the USA; even so they have seen larger trees, they are still impressed. Paul Stadler: That night of cultural events in Basel sounds fantastic. Just the kind of thing I love except of course in this instance I can't, unfortunately, speak German.

Something I plan to do something about one day. Also, 'Go Switzerland! That was a great night and we hope that something similar will come around next year. For the concerts there was no need to speak or understand German - English was good enough for Jars of clay, and the pantomime Carlos Martinez is a Spaniard - so you may have understood his Spanish pantomime much better than we did : Hopp Schwiiz!!

We have been to the Isle of Mainau yesterday, beautiful weather, beautiful flowers. A young nurse starts work in a castle on an island where she should take care for a mentally handicapped girl. But what happened to the girl? Is there any connections with the previous nurse who was found drowned on the island? A darkish mystery by an author who is better known for her fantasy books and I prefer these to that mystery. Here are a few more to enjoy: the Lake of Constance Bodensee panted with blue flowers:. Kono — was a Japanese woodcutter and art teacher who had made fascinating woodcuts of birds and flowers.

It also contains a short history of Japanese woodcutting art. Some graves I found last week in Muttenz:. The place was a three-minute-walk away from the library It's a shame when people misuse such great community places but aren't willing to contribute productively. I love the pictures of graves in Muttenz. Quite beautiful. Finding interesting graves or the graves of notable people is something I enjoy doing when I travel, too. Interesting enough that cemetery also had the graves of several African American jazz musicians who moved to Denmark in the s and 60s, which I wasn't expecting even though Copenhagen had a noted jazz tradition.

Hej Charles, welcome. They are looking for a new local team who would be present more often, let's see. Interesting about the jazz musicians in Copenhagen. I find it interesting to look at the different stiles of gravestones. Here are some more:. About this Item: Berlin: Reiher, Seller Inventory T Published by Ueberreuter , From: Buecherhof Brekendorf, Germany. About this Item: Ueberreuter , Condition: Wie neu. Gebunden , verlagsneu, ungebraucht, ungelesen. Sprache: Deutsch Gewicht in Gramm: From: Antiquariat Frankenthal Frankenthal, Germany.

Originalbuch: Carl Ueberreuter, Wien From: biblion2 Obersulm, Germany. About this Item: Condition: Good. Sofortversand aus Deutschland. Artikel wiegt maximal g. In Folie gebunden. Vorsatz beschriftet. Normale Gebrauchsspuren. Bibliotheksexemplar mit Stempel und Kleber. Titelblatt beschriftet. Auflage Seller Inventory a. Published by Ellermann Verlag - Verlag der Autoren, Published by Frankfurt Main About this Item: Frankfurt Main , Condition: gut. Sprache: deu. Published by Verlag ohne Angabe, About this Item: Verlag ohne Angabe, Published by Lubbe Audio About this Item: Lubbe Audio , Condition: New.

Brand new book, sourced directly from publisher. Dispatch time is working days from our warehouse. Book will be sent in robust, secure packaging to ensure it reaches you securely. Published by Novum Publishing About this Item: Novum Publishing , Apartment hunting 2. Dialog 44 47 C. Banking in GellTlany 2. Common [omls ol payment 3. Business transactions 4. D0wg 00 B. In Krze 64 C. Grammatik und Gebrauch: 1.

Relativstze Relative clauses 2. Komparativ und Superlativ Comparative and superlative 3. Dative prepositions 4. Demonstrativpronomen Demonstrative pronouns 67 D. Rein geschftlich L Auctions 2. Job Search. Diatog 77 B. In Krze 81 C. Zeitausdn'icke Time expressions 2. Personalpronomen Personal pronouns 3. Reflexive Verben Reflexive verbs 83 D. Re;" geschftlich: 1. Education in Gemlany 2.

Employment opportunities 3. Emplorment benefits 4. Unified Berlin. Dialog B. Die unbestimmten Pronomen "jemand" und"niemand" Obe indefinite pronounsjemand and niemand 2. Das Passiv Obe passive voice 3. Demonstrative Adjektive Demonstrative adjectives 4. Wo-Zusammensetzungen Wo-compounds D. Reill geschftlich: 1. Challenges of a unified Berlin 2. Moving into ew Offices. In Kilrze C. Grammatik "nd Gebmuch: 1. WechselprjJositiolle1l Two- way prepositions 2. Transitive und intransitive Verben Transitive and intransitive verbs 3.

Oe" Imperativ The imperative D. Rein geschiiftlich: L Business letters 2. Dwlog B. In Krze C.


Akkusarivprpositionen Accusarive prepositions 2. Possessivpronomen Possessive pronouns 3. Rei" geschftlich: 1. General infonnation on Switzerland 2. Tbe Swiss economy 3. The Gemlan Film. Dialog Konzessive Nebenstze Concessive subclauses 2. Wortstellung zur Betonung Ward order for emphasis 3. Wortbildung Word formation 4. Film history and festivals 2. Vocabulary 3. Grammatik Iltld Gebrauch: 1. Idiomatic expressions D.

Doing business in dm stlichen Bundeslndem 2. Gemlan Television.

Grammatik und Gebralli. Nelwnstze mit "da" da- subclauses 2. Inji"itive mit "um. Andue Injinitive mit "zu" Other infinitives with zu 6. Finalstze Final subclauses D. Rei,l geschftlich: L TV in Gemlany.


Switzerland, and Austria 2. Kausale Nebenstze Subclauses of causality 2. Amlere Kausale Konjunktionen Other causal conjunctions 3. Rein geschftlich: l. General information on Austria and Vienna 2. At the Lawyer's Office. In Kurze C. Indirekte Rede Indireet speech 2. Der Konjunktiv in indirekter Rede The subjunctive in indirect speech 3. Genitivprpositionen Genitive prepositions 4. Zusammengesetzte Substantive Compound nDuns 5. Die Vorsilbe "Im" The prefix un 6.

Wider versus wieder D. Reitl geschftlich: 1. The German Iaw and the judicial system 2. The Press. Weitere Verben mit Vorsilben More prefix verbs 2. Idionlatic expressions D. Rein geshftJich: 1. The press 2. Visiting a Hanseatic City. Grammatik und Gebram:h: 1. Das Imperfekt The simple pastl 2.

Das Plusquamperfekt The past perfect 3. Adjektive mit ,,-ige" Endlmgen Adjectives with -ige endings 4. Substantive mit ,,-ei," ,,-Img. Shipping and moving 2. A New Computer Program. KonditiQllalsiitze Conditional sentences 2. Konjunktiv 11 in Konditionalstzen The subjunctive 11 in conditional clauses 3. Der Konjunktiv va,! Der x Konjunktiv ,-" hflichen Fragen The sub;unctive in polite reQuests 5. Konsekutive Nebmstu Consecutive c1auses D. Telecommunication 2. Nebenstze Multiple subordinated subclauses 4. Customer Service. Grammatik ulld Gebrauch: 1. Die Vorsilben "her" und "hin-" The prefixes her- and lIin- 2.

Zweiteilige Konjunktionen Compound conjunctions 3. Wortbildung Word fonnation D. A word on customer service 2. A user's manual 3. Wine Tasting. Adverbien mit Prpositionen Adverbs with prepositions 2. Ein-Wrter als Pronomen Ein-words as pronoWls 3. Wortbildung aus Adjektivetl Word formation from adjectives 4. Import and export 2. Grammah'k find Gebrauch: 1. VerlJen mit Prjjpositiomm Verbs with prepositions 2. Etiquette 2. Gift giving 3. On the roles of rnen and wornen 4. Pronunciation Guide B. Grammar Summary 1. The definite article 2.

Der-Words 3. The indefinite article 4. Ein-Words 5. Masculine n-Nouns 6. Preceded adjectives 7. Question words The demonstrative pronoun der Relative pronouns Indefinite pronouns Reflexive pronouns Verbs in the indicative Verbs in the subjunctive Passive voice Reflexive verbs Strong, irregular weak, and modal verbs Comparative and superlative Imperative Punctuation Capitalization C. Letter Writing 1. Business letters 2. Thank-you notes 3. Infonnalletters 4. Salutations and complimentary closings 5.

Fonns of address 6. If you have ab'eady mastered the basics of Gennan in schaol, while traveling abroad, or with other Living Lan- guage courses, then Ultimate German Advanced is light for you. The camplete course consists of this text aod eight haurs of recordings. However, if you are confident of your pronunciation, you can also use Lhis manual on ils own. With Ultimate Gennan Advonced you'll continue to leam how to speak, understand, read, aod write idiomatic German. The program will also introduce you to same of the more interesting aspects of Gennan culture aod business.

You'lJ be able to participate in engaging conversations about a variety of tapics, as weil as recognize and respond to several styles of formal and informal speech. The course will take you everywhere, from vineyards to investment banks, while teaching useful vocabulary and expressions. You'lI get practice deci- phering newspaper articles, c1assified ads, aod legal papers. You'll also leam about subtle cultural distinctions in personal interaction, such as when to in- sist on paying for dinner and when to stop, that will help smooth your way abroad. The reading passages appear after every live lessons, and the review sections after Lesson 10 and Lesson It's best to read and study each lessan in the manual before listening to it on the recordings.

All dia- logues are translated into idiomatic English. They'lI introduce you to the cultural and historical background relevant to a particular expression, and a1low you to see grammar rules and vocabulary "in action. Vou'lI also leam how to express yourself more accu- 1 rately and appropriately by using idiomatic Gennan. For easy reference, the heading of each topic corresponds to its Iisting in the table of contents. Dis- cussing topics such as dress codes, import and export, the government and its involvement in the economy, this section will enable you to conduct business in Germany, Austria.

You can check your answers in the Lslmgetl Answer Key , which appears after the last Usestck Reading. The material covered in the preceding lessons. Similar in structure to the fnmglm. The appendixes. There are two sets of complementary recordings: the first is designed for use with the manual, while the second may be used independentJy. By Iistening to and imitating the native speakers, you'lI improve your pronunciation and comprehension while leaming to use new phrases and structures. The recorded material appears in boldface in your manual.

You'lI first heaT native Gennan speakers read the campiere dialogue. Then you'lI have a chance to listen 10 the dialogue a second time and repeat each phrase in the pauses provided. Write down a summary of what you think the dialogue was about, and then listen to the reeordings a second time, checking how much yOu understood with the transla- tions in the manual.

After you study each [esson and practice with Set A, ga on to the second seL of recordings Set B , whieh can be used on the go-while driving, jogging, traveling, or doing housework. Because they are bilin.! The 20 lessons on Set B correspond to those in the manual.

A bilingual narrator leads yotl through the four sections of each lesson. The first section presents the most important phrases from the original dialogue. You'U then hear it again. The second section reviews aod expands upon the most important vocabu- lary introduced in the lesson. Sitemap

Additional expressions show how the words and phrases may be used in other contexts. Again, you are given time to repeat the German phrases after the native speakers. In the third section you will explore the lesson's most important grammatical structures. After a quick review of the rules, yOll can practice with illustrative sentences.

The conversatlonal exercises in the last section integrale what you've learned and help you generate sentences in Gemlan on your own. You'lItake part in brief conversations, ask aod respond to questions. After YOll re- spond. The interactive approach on this set of recordings focuses on the idiomatic spoken word and will teach you to communicate and think in Genuan. Now let's begin. Musik spielt im Hintergrund.

Geh doch mal bitte zur Tr. Unser Gast ist da. Er ffnet die Wohnungstr. Der Gast aus den USA? Kevin Milton, tritt ein. Bemd Obenneier reicht ihm die Hand zur Begrung. Anna Obermeier kommt aus der Kche und nimmt die Blumen. Vielen Dank. Willkommen in Mnchen, Herr Milton. Er ist extra fr die Konferenz aus Amerika gekommen. Gabriele Schlosser steht auf und gibt Kevin Milton die Hand. Woher in den USA kommen Sie denn? Eine sehr schne Stadt. Oder ein Bier? Morgen beginnt die Konferenz. Am Freitag fliege ich nach Rom, und dann geht 10 es schon wieder zurck. Waren Sie schon mal in Deutschland?

Dann haben Sie ja gar keine Zeit fr eine StadCrundfahrt. Oie Frauenkirche und der Marienplatz sind sehr schn. Wir sind dort echt bayerisch essen gegangen. Wie heit es doch gleich? Ich hoffe, es hat Ihnen geschmeckt, denn bayerische Spezialitten gibt es in zehn Minuten gleich nochmal.

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Ich habe einen ganzen Stapel Bcher ber das Thema. Regensburg hat einen schnen Dom. Entschuldigen Sie, wie war Thr Name gleich nochmal? Ich frchte,14 ich habe ihn nicht verstanden. Ich bin der Bemd. ZO Kevin, bitte greif zu. Ich hoffe. Guten Appetit. Music is playing in the background. I didn'thear thal. You're playing the music reatly loud. He opens the door. How nice of yeu to ceme. Bemd Obermeier greets him with ahandshake. The coatrack's right here.

Anna Obermeier comes out of the kitchen and takes the owers. Thank you. Welcome to Munich, Mr. Bemd shows Mr. Milton into the living room. Afriend of the Obermeiers, Gabriele Schlosser, is sitting on the sofa. He came from America just to attend our conference. Gabriele gets up to shake Kevin's hand. Good evening. Where in the USA. I was in the U. Avery beautiful city. Or a beer? The conference starts tomorrow. I'm ftying to Rome on Friday and then it's already time to go back. Have yau ever been to Gennany before? I've never been to Europe.

Then you'll hardly have any time far a sightseeing tour. We bad a traditionaI Bavarian meal there. What was it called again? I hope you liked it, because there'U be more Bavarian specialities in about ten minutes. I have a whole stack of books on the subject. Regensburg has a beautifu! I'm sure you1! Excuse me, what was your name again? Schlosser is my name. Gabriele Schlosser shakes her head. I hope you're hungry. My name's Bemd. Frau Schlosser's first name is Gabrie! Kevin, help yourself.

Authentic Bavarian patato salad, radish, Bm'n, cheese, and then we have leg of vea! I hope none of my guests is vegetarlan. Bayern has a number of dialects that differ greatly trom each other: lhe Munich dialect, for example, is very different from the Northem Bavarian Frnkisch. As in English, names take a genitive -5 10 ind.

Unlike in English, however, 00 apostrophe is added. Heml Miltotls Blumen waren sehr schn. Milton's f10wers were very beautiful. Ich habe gar kei,LC Zeit. I have no time at all. The most popular greetings in Gerrnany are: Gulell Tag. Good day. Gulen Good moming. Gulen Abend.! You may of course hear variations on these greetings. In all three countries young people use Halfo in infomlal settings. Ablegen to take ofO generaJly refers to leaving the oUldoor, c1imate- proteclive clothing including hat or umbrella in the hallway before proceeding into the living or waiting area, rhe office.

Please leave your coot and bags here befare proceeding into the exhibition. The secretary a1ready filed the correspondence. Ablegen is a verb with separable prefix see Lessons 10 and Most theaters, opera houses. Sometimes lhe establishment will charge a small amount. In private hornes. Sich freuen to be glad. Sie kemumtulenren. Nice to meet you. Infinitives after a rnain verb are preceded by tu see Lesson Kennenlernen is a separable verb; therefore zu is inserted between the two parts of the verb see Lessons 10, 11, and Erfreut sich darauf, bei schnem Wetter segebl zu gehen.

He looks forward to sailing during nice weather. In fonnal situations it is most common to introduce oneself by one's last name. Wie wr's wre es mit How about Wre is the subjunctive IJ of sein see Lesson The expression is always followed by the dative because of the dative preposition mit. Wie wt"s wre es mit einem Bier? How about a beer?

The idiomatic expression es geht zurt:k impLies travel plans in which the traveler takes a passive role. It is only used with the third person singular pronoun es. In olher contexts, zurikkgehen means "to go back. Ich mu zun"ickgeheu, denn ich habe etwas vergessen. I have to go back, because I orgot something. Die Frauenkirche, der Manenplatz, and der Viktllolienmarkt are fa- mous historical sights in the center of Munieh. The Frauetlkirche is a late Gothic two-spire cathedral completed in The twin towers of the cathedral are a trademark of Munich. The Man'tnplatz is a picturesque town square, c10sed to traftk, framed by the old and the new town hall and 11 Saint Peter's church.

The Viktualiemnarkt is one of the oldest open-air farmers' markets, with cafes and beer and snack bars serving Bavarian specialities. Brotzeit literally: bread time is the Bavarian tenn for a cold dinner. Brotzeit traditionally involves bread, sausages, cold cuts, cheese, and large soft pretzels Bru'n. The main meal is tradil:ionaUy eaten at lunchtime. Na ja oh weU. The verb sicll frchten to be afraidlto fear something is mostly used as a reflexive verb with the preposition vor. Ich frchte mich vor Gewitter-n.

WitllOut the reflexive pronoun and the preposition, it is a polite admis- sion that you have failed to da something. Ich frchte, ich habe es vergessen. I'm afraid I forgot. Das macht nichts. That's quite aU rightJIt doesn't matter is an idio- matic expression. In other contexts nuhts machen means "to do nothing Was mochst du denn? What are you doing?

Im Moment mache ich nuhts. In semifonnal and informal social situations it is acceptable to address a Dr. Gabnele Sclllosser as Frau Schlosser. In some situations Gennans address each other by their first name while still using the fonnal Sie. The use of the first name acknowl- edges that the parties involved have most likely known each other for a long time, whereas the continued use ofSU keeps a certain distance. The offer to use first names, however, may be a first step from fonnality to friendship.

First name and SU is the customary address at schools for students above the age of sixteen. Here it is a sign of respect rather than fonnality. Note how the noun has changed from Koch to Kchin in lhe feminine. The Isar river runs through Munieh. In summer its banks are crowded with sunbathers and swimmers. Schmarr'n is Bavarian for a scrambled pancake served with powdered sugar, raisins, andlor fruit. In the phrase Erzhl kein' Schmarrn it is used figuratively and best translated as ;'What hokwn!

Zugreifen to grab, to grasp is another separable prefix verb see Lessons 10 and The form used here, greif ZII help yourself , is the imperative or command form see Lesson 7. Brez'n is Bavarian for die Breul pretzel. While the noun is feminine in standard German, in a dialecl such as Bavarian it can change to masculine, tkr Brez',1. Brez'" are always! In questions, subject and verb change position.

There are three ways of fonning questions in German. admin