Doggin Long Island: The 30 Best Places To Hike With Your Dog In New Yorks Playground (Doggin America)

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The event will be downtown in the lower lot of Courthouse Square from August There are over 40 artists representing five different Native American tribes showcasing their incredible artistry.

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Many of the artists featured are internationally acclaimed and have won best in show and other awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market and Gallup Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial. Attendance is free to the market, come ready to experience some incredible art! Thoughts From The West End Ninety-six years ago, there was a vision to attract people from around the world so that Gallup could showcase the rich diversity of native culture and traditions, as well as highlight and reward the finest in native arts. Back in the early days, I am told that there was an abundance of free things like wagons of watermelons, or bags of flour, or buffalo BBQ that were simply handed out in appreciation to the Native folks of this area.

Of course, other cities that are much more affluent than Gallup have tried to copy the vision of our Inter-Tribal Ceremonial. They have done so, but not so much to appreciate Native culture, but more to offer their tourist economies yet another way to boost their bottom lines. Yet the reality is that those tourist dollars in those cities often flow down to the Native artists and vendors that choose to travel there for those events.

The real event is in the heart of Native America. The real event is in Gallup, New Mexico. The authentic event with all its grit, packed parades, and relative turmoil is right here. I also ask who will bring the next vision? I would like to envision a time when our city proudly offers the thousands of people that daily pop in-and-out of our municipality an honest, authentic opportunity to experience Native culture on a year-round basis.

We should open our eyes in gratitude to the beauty of our Native brethren; the beauty that exists right here that so few other places can truly claim. When you finish these puzzles, bring them to our office at S. Ashley Panteah Alberta P. Jimmy St. Ashley Jewels Moses. Cover: Cover by fine artist L. Bunning Website: www. Gallup Journey Magazine S. All Rights Reserved.

No articles, photos, illustrations, advertisements, or design elements may be used without expressed written permission from the publisher, Gallup Journey Inc. This publication is distributed with the understanding that the information presented is from many sources, for which there can be no warranty or responsibility by the publisher as to accuracy, originality, or completeness.

It is distributed with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in making product endorsements, recommending health care or treatments, providing instruction, or recommending that any reader participate in any activity or behavior described in the publication. The opinions of the contributors to this publication belong to them and do not reflect the opinions of the editors or publishers. I would like to express what an honor it is to lead a district dedicated to providing an enriching educational environment for student success.

On August 9, teachers, administrators and support staff start the great work of teaching the nearly 11, student scholars that attend our schools. We look forward to this opportunity and welcome your support as we, together, continuously improve our schools for our youth. Just like the start of every new school year, the school year brings with it a feeling of enthusiasm and optimism. We look forward to walking onto each of our campuses and instantly feel the familiar comforts of the beginning of a new school year and the supportive environment our students and parents deserve.

As we prepare for the first day of school we are mindful of the importance of student safety and the critical role we all play to ensure our schools are the safest place for students and staff. Not only is the safety of our students of greatest importance to us on campus but during their commute to and from school as well. For this reason, we ask parents and staff to take the utmost precaution while driving children to and from school. We have several new educational changes this year as we work to focus our efforts on positive academic outcomes.

We also look forward to the change in which students acquire school supplies. Please remember that the school district will be purchasing these items for your students throughout the school year to meet their classroom needs. This is a new initiative so please be patient as we work through any challenges faced in this transition. Together with teachers, parents, students and staff, we will keep our students safe and continue to strive for excellence this school year.

Together, we have the power to make a positive impact on the lives of our students every day. It is up to us to use this influence to remove barriers, increase our support of our students in their challenges, and give them access to more knowledge and information. With this team effort we can prepare our students to be competitive in the world.

I look forward to working with you in achieving the success that we all want for our students. Sincerely, Mike Hyatt. The practice of putting the cost of necessary general supplies on the backs of our parents and guardians has traditionally been a part of the GMCS system, and we are eager to eliminate that burden.

With the district's purchasing power, GMCS will be able to acquire these supplies using operational funds at a significant cost reduction. Thank you for your support of GMCS and your trust in our staff in providing a quality education for your children. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you in growing our future leaders. At GMCS Your first stop should be the Native Film Series on opening day.

The film series showcases the contemporary genre of motion picture media and Native American producers, writers, Welcome to the premiere Native American directors, and actors. The topics range from event in the world. The Gallup Inter-tribal autobiographical to comedy. The events are as numerous as Qualifier.

This rodeo event, sponsored by they are varied, and they can be enjoyed by the digital communication media service any age group. However, qualify for the main event held in Arlington, the best way to approach this nearly twoTexas. You will surely see some real rodeo week-long event is to be flexible, be patient, talent competing for a chance at the big and to stay an extra few days. The Ceremonial organizers understand On Sunday, you have a choice of two that for some visitors this maybe their only events, based on what type of athlete you visit—ever. That is why, although the schedule are.

At the eastern end of Grants. If neither of these appeals to you, this would be a perfect day to take a drive out to the Zuni Pueblo, to Canyon de Chelly, to El Morro National Monument, or Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Parks, because many familyowned restaurants and Native American trading shops are closed on Sundays. The last five days will be a whirlwind if you try to attend every event, and you may end up sacrificing quality for the sake of quantity. If you have had enough steer wrestling, or you received a bad sunburn, you should opt for food, art, and beautiful young ladies.

Each contestant will have a. Later in the evening at Red Rock Park exhibit hall, the Wine Tasting and Preview Night will give you an eye-full of the immense artistic talent of Native American painters, jewelers, weavers, bead-workers, sculptors, and designers. Have your wallets ready because it is first-come, first-served, and we are not talking about the wine. On Thursday, there are two must-see events, the first being the amphitheater dances at Red Rock Park. These dances are performed by various dance groups from various tribes or pueblos. The groups usually consist of members of a family or a circle of friends who perform at different Native events around the country, but this is your opportunity to see many of them in one place.

The other event is the Night Parade. This parade has become a popular event and a favorite of locals. For Friday, you should expect to be at Red Rock Park all day and evening. There are plenty of events to choose from and plenty of food vendors to visit. If your interest is cultural dances, then this is the day for you. The Gourd Dance is a mustsee; it has deep traditional meaning. The Voladores are simply amazing to watch.

The Pow Wow Grand Entry is always spectacular, with the queen coronation preceding it. Finally, the White Buffalo Dance is performed by young Zuni men. Then, you can fill your day leisurely strolling between events you want to see again or those you had missed on Friday. At last, it is Sunday again. This is your final opportunity to cruise the exhibit hall to purchase artwork, wearable or not, then relax in the arena stands watching the various races and competitions.

This is also the perfect time to ask locals where the best places are to eat and shop because you just decided to stay a few extra days. August Gallup Journey readers have spoken. Ballots have been tallied and the following is the list of the winners. The list includes your favorite places to eat, take your date, hike, and love to just hangout.

These are the places we take our friends and relatives when they visit, the places we suggest to tourists, and the places we frequent on a regular basis. We thank these establishments for their great customer service and for being part of our Gallup Experience. It might be a little old fashioned, but movies always seem to be a great idea for a date. You get the chance to see just what type of movie your date enjoys. Plus, you get to share a large popcorn, and if the movie is a good one, you will share a range of emotions with each other. Allen Theaters has been part of Gallup, New Mexico for decades.

The old Aztec theatre is. The addition of the 10 movie theatres at Red Rock gives you lots of movie options. New seating makes it more comfortable than ever to enjoy the large array of snacks offered. Red Rock 10 Movie Theater is located on the east side of town. To be honest, I had never heard of the Bootless Bootcamp.

However, the readers of the Gallup Journey are passionate about this place. They received a large number of votes and it seems this is the place if you want to get in serious shape. They have a public. Facebook page where you can keep up-to-date on their schedule.

Each of the instructors are certified personal trainers and Bootcamp instructors. It is a circuit style training that works perfect for those just beginning or for the extreme fit, and it is geared for all ages. It is almost like you are getting out of town when you visit Badlands Grill. It is located on the west side of town just past the Gallup Municipal Airport. In a town that loves its New Mexican food this restaurant is geared toward different taste buds. It is all about the meat at Badlands Grill.

You can find a variety of steaks, seafood, pasta, salads, burgers, and amazing appetizers here. This is a place to come and enjoy your meal. The atmosphere will remind you of a steak house and the customer service here will have you enjoying every part of your meal. This is a dinner joint and during the summer, they are open on Sundays.

Pizza 9 is new to Gallup, New Mexico. They not only have a diverse menu, but the place was designed for kids. Whether your thing is video games or glow in the dark putt-putt golf they have it. Pizza 9 is located in the Rio West Mall and has entrances on the outside or inside of the mall. The location is big and will accommodate large groups, perfect for birthday parties. You will find a Chicago style pizza here, a variety of salads, appetizers and a number of other bellyfilling goodies.

That concludes the places you love in Gallup, New Mexico. Congratulations winners! How long have we had this great summer event, and how did it all begin? We are in our 34th year for the night dances. The Chamber and Ceremonial matched funds to make it initially happen. Many of the early tourists were those camped out at the park, or those hiking or visiting the park museum, or just passing through and hearing about it while visiting the Chamber of Commerce.

Tommy Batson then Chamber director was the genius behind creating the program. Every time I watch the Nightly Indian Dances, it is a different group of dancers. How hard is it to find all of these groups? Now that the Nightly Indian Dances have become so popular, do dancing groups contact you? Dance groups are a unique breed. We want to attract all the groups we can, beyond our area, to offer a wide variety of cultural, educational, and interactive experiences for our guests, and by allowing youth groups to hone their skills with. Zuni, by far, has the most groups to choose from, and we make every attempt to include as many as possible.

The Nightly Indian Dances have become such a success. Do you try to think of other events that would draw people to the downtown area, or are we happy with what we have to offer in the summer? Well, we have a wonderful relationship with the ArtsCrawl team, and provide up-to-date information on their upcoming events downtown.

We also have partnered with the summer opera students! The Red Rock Opera singers perform right before our show when they are in town. Talk about multi-cultural experiences! Only in Gallup can you witness Opera and Native Culture within the same hour. My staff loves it! As a community, we should be proud of this diversity! We are always open to suggestions! Do you ever think of making a YouTube channel?

You could probably generate tons of interest if you posted one video a week highlighting the dances. Do you have the staff for this? There are plans on the horizon with our improved budget. We will be revamping our website and Facebook pages and now will be able to attain the equipment to shoot quality video to document this great program for a YouTube channel and possibly a live stream program for those who might be unable to physically attend the dances.

We are excited for the future! Where do you see the Nightly Indian Dances in 10 years? How do you get there? We get there by realizing that we must build capacity with the children who will be the leaders in 10 years, and by continually embracing the cultures, respecting tradition, and producing an event that is culturally relevant, educational, interactive and safe… all to support the economic development of our unique Gallup community. We also have ideas on how we can work with Jennifer Lazarz Gallup Tourism and Marketing on how best to reach a larger audience though effective marketing strategies.

We also have partnering opportunities that help the tourists on busses make a stop in Gallup. We get from of those groups each summer. Time: pm. Our last child got married. I had become her entertainment director in recent years. She is a devoted basketball fan of my alma mater, the University of Kansas, and when they went to the Final Four, I was forced and inspired to attend because of her energy and determination.

We had a marvelous time. There were many more adventures together. But as she grew older, I was wondering if I had a permanent job. Man plans; God laughs. A year ago, Mary Kathleen fell in love with Peter. Both lives changed, and last month a new marriage began. From my other two daughters getting married, I had learned to stay away from this process.

If you interject yourself or your opinion in this experience, you will be drawn and quartered by every female person in your family and possibly forfeit your privilege of walking your daughter down the aisle. Just be ready with pen in hand to write the check. I only saw pictures of what was purchased. Of course, it was beautiful. Then the wedding itself had to be planned. In the first place, they both were older over 30 and as a result, had many friends.

There was not a big enough place to hold these friends and relatives in Gallup for a reception. Yes, a tent. I told the planners bride, groom, and my wife that the tent might blow away. We live in Gallup after all. The tent won. When I met the man who brought the tent to Gallup from Albuquerque, he had a wry smile on his face. Everyone will fit inside except the 70 or so children who will be in a real building with an air conditioner. The invitations went out. I had little or no input. The cast of thousands dwindled because thank goodness it is somewhat difficult to travel to Gallup.

At first three Bishops were coming only ours came and presided. Peter and Kathleen live in Denver and had befriended and socialized with many. Catholic seminarians studying for the priesthood. Those seminarians are now priests and remain good friends. So instead of one priest at the ceremony, there was one bishop and eight priests on the altar.

Many more were invited. I asked Pope Francis to be a surprise guest, but his schedule was too busy. I know these discussions took place because I would hear bits and pieces of conversation. I quit offering advice as I valued my life more than my opinion. After all, it is my last one. Then the big day came. Many people came to celebrate the entire week since it was during the Fourth of July. There was the arrival of all five children and the twelve soon to be sixteen grandchildren, the Subtle Groove reunion concert, and the fireworks of the Fourth.

The cookout on Monday 40 hamburgers and 40 hot dogs made me wonder if I would make it to Friday. We all watched the City fireworks from our front lawn and then proceeded to set the neighborhood on fire almost with our own celebration. God Bless America! I went to work on Wednesday to avoid the Gathering Storm. On Thursday my son Michael and I had planned to drive to Grants and play golf. This was the first of a series of messages from God. We got a replacement car, loaded the clubs, and got excited about escaping the craziness of our house.

Then the replacement car would not start. Instead of crying, Michael and I started laughing. No golf today. We watched the reception tent go up and continuously transported food and materials to the site. We also got points from our wives for our sacrifice of golf. The rehearsal dinner was followed by karaoke at the El Rancho. Meanwhile the bride remember herKathleen lost her voice. I panicked. During the ceremony, there was this plan for the grandchildren on both sides to walk boy and girl together down the aisle.

The oldest grandchild was 7. The little girls had flowered wreaths in their hair, and the boys donned blue hats. Kathleen is a first grade teacher so someone thought it would be fun for the bride to be preceded by lots of small children. A great idea, but the flaw in the plan was that the mothers of these children processed before their children. What happened was several two year olds in the back of the church started crying for their mothers, some of the boys tried to eat their hats and chaos was just around the corner.

The solution was to send the remaining throng down the aisle AS IS. It was hilarious. She did just that. The dress was beautiful; the music was. I cannot complete this story without telling you about the toy tomato. The day after the wedding, one of the bathrooms in our house stopped working. My son tried to snake the problem to no avail. I decided to ask Gus, one of our four-yearold grandchildren, if he knew anything about the problem. I flushed it down the toilet. After we finished laughing, we called the plumber.

The dishwasher, which gets used once a week, was used several times a day. The washer and dryer cried uncle after a solid week of daily laundry. But Kitty and I and even the appliances survived. Eventually and sadly, everyone left to go home. The bride was beautiful. The dress was exquisite.

Kitty and I cried. The grandchildren all aged 7 and under had a great time with their cousins. A new family was sent into the world. We are very blessed. Free Estimates Installing Seamless gutters in Gallup and surrounding area Protect your home, your landscape, your investment Gutter cleaning Highest quality materials Years of experience Gutter Screen installation Commercial and residential installation Free estimates! Call proguttersgallup. So We Can Accommodate more! Page publishing picked up his manuscript in September four months after his high school graduation.

Here is a description of his book. As a world full of people with special powers is about to change, Oliver Jackson and his friends are mysteriously sent there from Earth. To get back to their home, they must find the Five Staffs that were once used to create the planet that they now reside on. Unluckily for them, they all run the risk of becoming criminals. To get his friends back home, Oliver Jackson will risk his life fighting organized gangs, the world government, and the Blackstone Family — the family whose ancestor is considered the most hated man in the world.

For additional information or media inquiries, contact Page Publishing at Always being welcome. Aztec Ave. Maloney Ave. Forms a t g allupce re monia l. A ll complete entry forms and pay ment for entries must be sent to: Benita Jay, Rodeo Secre tary. Box , Gallup , NM, Pa yment for entry fees must be by mon ey order or cashier's check. Walk-In e ntries ta ken Saturday, July Sta ndard Events 12 Perf Limit. Top 10 Sh o rt-go August 13th. Must Compete In a t least one old sc hool e v e nt to quaDfy for a ll-around award. First to ent. More info call From the earliest days of the Gallup in and Gallup Inter-tribal Ceremonial then made a special trip back kids have been an essential part in His photograph of the parades and performances.

Sometimes they but for some reason they seem performed in their own group, menacing. Most of the Pueblos sometimes as part of an adult had a buffalo dance, and most offering, but they were always a of those were, and still are, big hit with the crowds. It started natural charmer with the with two hoops in the hands of horned masks and other a boy. As time went on hoops paraphernalia. The original were added until they lost count dance, performed by all the at twenty or twenty-five. The Pueblos it seems, was for the programs for the early years of propagation of the shaggy Ceremonial are not very useful An Early Photo of Some Navajo Boys Ready for beast that was so important in in identifying groups of young Native life.

Everybody knows the Red Ant Dance s people, but Taos had hoop dancers the Sioux and other Plains tribes by the third year of the event. Gallup Ant Way, but the photographer boys were body George Hight took painted black with a picture of two white splotches Hopi boys, but and a white face. For is the photo by young folks to E. And there were a number of groups, many passed on one generation to the next. A few years ago during Zuni Fair more than thirty dance groups marched and danced in the parade.

We know that at least they performed the crow dance. Stewart Awelagte, a friend of mine and a first rate musician, knows all the important songs from the fifties and sixties, the birth of rock and roll. A few months ago he treated me to one of the. Crow Dance songs. Stewart was in a group sponsored by Tom Awelagte and he talks about the dance group with relish. He remembers the performance as very improvised. The basic story deals with a farmer and his wife and some watermelons. The flock of crows, singing their songs, circled around the.

Oh, yeah, there was a scarecrow too. Leo Quetawki had a group and in the photo there is a very young Linda Tucson. I suspect they did because there is a photo of a boy eating a chunk of broken watermelon. One popular item was the horse dance. Wayne and Rusty Panteah rode cardboard horses, much like the stick horses of earlier times, except their mounts were more complete, not just a head and a stick. The third boy identified in the picture is Farrell Kalestewa. As with so many other ensembles, there is little information about what took place.

At this point there are third and fourth generations dancing in Gallup. And there is nothing more irresistible than a cute kid. This book, which profiles individuals from Gallup and the surrounding areas, contains beautiful pictures and short bios which make it a great reference book, or just a fun read. It is a fun, easy read and beautiful to look at with many pictures.

Here is what they had to say:. Arcadia Publishing contacted me, I think because they knew I was a local writer, said Hardin-Burrola. Legendary Locals is part of a series about regional histories across the country. They wanted one done about Gallup. I thought about doing it on my own, but then decided to contact Bob since he has worked for the Journey and he knows the people of this community so well. We worked on it for a couple of months before bringing Carol on. For me, personally, it was learning while doing the research, said Sarath. Through interviews, historical research, and speaking with family members, said HardinBurrola.

We were also able to use the photo archives of the Independent, the Journey, and the library, said Sarath. The contributions of these photos make this book truly stand out in this particular series, said Rosebrough. We split up the profiles evenly, said Rosebrough. Elizabeth wrote most of the chapter intros; then we all edited it together. In total, the project took us about two years from start to finish. It was frustrating having to limit the number of profiles, said Hardin-Burrola.

There were so many more people we wanted to include, and it was painful having to leave people out. Not entirely, said Sarath. It contains profiles donating your profits? You can buy the book now from Google Books and Amazon, but if you buy the book directly from us, we can make sure these organizations get the most out of your donation. Coal Ave. Elena measured herself and made some blouses from the remnants, using patterns of her own design. She arrived back at her house and showed them to her mom. She felt very comfortable being a seamstress and doing something she truly enjoyed.

In her late 20s Elena was finally able to take sewing classes in Colima, Mexico. She took the class for a whole year. She became a perfectionist while learning how to make an outfit. In , she left Mexico and moved to California, where she began working as a seamstress. She From an early age, Elena was very would work ten hours a day.

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Sadly, she worked there only a short would use to create patterns. She wanted her time because the company went bankrupt sister Kika to teach her how to cut patterns. Her sister had left employment at the same place. Her friend sew. Kika would let Elena sew hems and iron something behind; the fabric for about kept her word, and Elena started working for the clothes that she made and in the process twenty dresses had been cut out and was a company called Cherokee during the fall of explained a little about sewing.

The family had a ranch not too far from different sizes. These were dresses that clients After just a week of working there, Elena the town where their home was. One day had been waiting for her sister to sew. I know I an hour. Her maternal grandmother and her mother were both seamstresses. As a young teenager, Elena spent time watching her older sister sew dresses, but something about the way her sister made the dresses really bothered her. Life was good, and Elena was able to perfect her sewing abilities working at Cherokee.

Elena came to Gallup during to visit her sister Kika who was living here. This same year their mother died. When Elena returned to California after her visit, she found out that Cherokee was laying people off and she was included in the layoff. She found herself without a job and decided to move to Gallup the end of July that same year. She made four outfits from that fabric and put them up for sale at the flea market. It was almost a year before she was able to sell them.

She counts herself blessed by God! Elena does all types of custom sewing and alterations. She makes Native American and Western designs, wedding dresses, Pendleton jackets, vests, and anything that you may want for a special occasion. When Elena is not at the Flea Market on Saturdays, you can find her at home working at her sewing machine.

Her home is located at Chino Loop in Gamerco, and she can be reached at If you are looking for quality hand-made clothing, Elena Sanchez is the person to call. Something Funny But Not! Somewhere along the way over the last 30 years, using crass language crept into our culture. For example, a. When the McCollum's and Dominguez's pass sixty years of. I try to illustrate every month someone or something in Gallup and McKinley County that shines. I have. But like the language of the movies-. You will see people you know and will look at each other with a sense of pride.

You will take. You will walk taller and straighter and smile more. This is. Scientific studies show if you cheer a. So, if you do these things, you will notice when people say crass things like "Noth-. The city of Gallup is not a person. The city doesn't throw eggs. Punks teens throw eggs. The city and county. I see many good people and many.

So let's change that behavior! Look for more news of Unsung Heroes in the future. And if you know of any, send me the information at: dconejo rmchcs. This building was formerly the Senior Citizens Center which was closed over a year ago because of Federal Funding cuts. This created excess and duplication at the North Side Center that created crowding, so many of the items were approved for return to the Veterans.

The lone occupant of the Ford Canyon building has been our part-time New. This will be a huge benefit to our local veterans, not only from Gallup but from our surrounding area as well. Now we have privacy and access to all our information right at our fingertips…no more working out of a briefcase! It is of major importance that these heroes have a place to share in camaraderie and to discuss issues that the regular civilian likely will not comprehend. The City of Gallup is honored to help our hometown heroes.

The new kitchen manager, Dale Briggs, has expressed the desire to serve daily breakfast at the Post. Showing at the Historic El Morro Theatre Gallup NM There are a few steps to be taken to get the facility ready for food service: licenses must be obtained, the kitchen must be approved, and sufficient volunteers will be required to make this a reality.

Dale feels confident this can be accomplished very soon. Our biggest drawback with the Maloney Fire Station was a lack of parking space. When we had an event, we could actually create a traffic hazard with many vehicles on the street. The Ford Canyon building is located in the middle of a parking lot, so that problem will be solved. Along with the original purpose of the VHV — veterans helping other veterans — they wish to host regular dinners, start up pool tournaments some specifically for women only , show veteran-related movies, and one of the most fun activities; veteran Sami Daniels will be teaching a pottery and painting class — not only for veterans, but for anyone who may be interested in learning the crafts.

Cuellar just set up an agreement with the quilting group, Quilts of Valor, where VHV will provide space for the quilters to work on the beautiful quilts which are presented to various veterans each year. This will be a distinct way for the quilters to better connect with the veteran for whom they are creating a quilt.

As the veterans did at the Maloney Fire House, they are certainly willing to share with other organizations to utilize the building. Pedro Flores will work as the Facility Manager and will be the contact and coordinator for all events, be it veteran events or girl scouts or a church organization. Give them a while longer to get the building set up and running, then you can contact Pedro Flores, Dale Briggs, or Dave Cuellar at to arrange your scheduled event. There are a few items that the veterans need for the facility: simple items like light bulbs, cleaning supplies, cleaning rags, paper towels, bathroom tissue, kitchen towels and dish cloths, cooking spices, coffee, bottled water, and the occasional box of baked goods!

If you are interested in offering your skills, drop by the Post, or give the veterans a call at the above phone number. It is the least we can do to help pay toward our debt to these brave men and women. A what you trying to do to me honey : I happen to have it in my bag. Chatman, Bo; Honey; Atlanta, 12 Feb. A man is like a car : that you have to overhaul.

Pm BYG A crooked man's worse : than crooked dice. A brownskin woman : tell her when I come to die. A ghost and a night owl : they come to see me sometime. A well trained man : when you leave camp. A little song : called deedle dee dum. A bowlegged woman : likes a knockkneed man. A mighty bad sign : to advertise your gals. A Ford is a car everybody wants to ride : jump in you will see. A nickel for some sugar : a dime for some rice. A hardheaded woman : just like a bulldog without a chain. A woman's so deceitful : but she's so loving and kind.

A shortlegged woman : can go a long long way. A nickel is a nickel : a dime is a dime. A woman get tired of one man : all the time. A goodlooking woman : likes a workingman. Pm Yz L A man needn't think : he got a woman by himself. A redheaded woman : make a freight train jump the track.

Jackson, Jim; St. Louis Blues; Memphis, c. A box fell on me this morning : like to bust one of my. A train left the depot : with a red and blue light behind. A great tall engine : and a little small engineer. A Packard is too expensive : Ford will take you where you want to go. A young lady she walked up to me : and this is what she said. A brownskin gal : makes a bulldog bark with pain. A married woman will swear : she'll love you all her life. A man is like a prisoner : and he's never satisfied. A woman is like a dresser : with a man always rambling through its drawers.

A man don't need a woman : ooo fair brown he got to give all of his money to. Vo Co C A funny feeling : goes from my head to my toes. A hornets' nest : don't mean a thing to me. A loving proposition : sure get a good man killed. A jetblack woman : make a rabbit hug a hound.

A polecat climbing : up a 'simmon tree. A friend walked up to me : the very next day. A woman like that : always wants to have her way. A yellow man'll give you a dollar : but he'll want back ninetyfive cents change. A black cat bone's aboiling : I put it on at half past twelve. A shooting star means evil : ain't never seen that thing to fail. Moore, Alice; Broadway St. Woman Blues; Richmond, Ind. A horse and a flea : and two little mice. A Louisiana and Texas : is where I's bred and born.

A twotiming woman : don't want no one man. A twotiming woman : keep you on that killing floor. A old man ain't nothing : but a young woman's slave. A passenger train : carried my man away. A black woman is like a black snake : she will strike and run. A big black nigger : in my folding bed. A story told : about a brave engineer. Smith, Bessie; J. A doing the Charleston : while you blow. A workingman's wife is starving : your wife is living like a queen. A cruel little daddy : throwed me right away. A tomcat man : is trying to break up my home. A hand on the trigger : got his eye on the hog.

Stokes, Frank; You Shall; Chicago, c. A white man only : got every day. A good woman that I'm loving : done took my appetite. A nogood woman mistreat me : she taken all my money and gone. A hundred dollar fine : and two eleven ninetynine. A good jellyselling woman : is heard all over town. A town girl will be loving you : when the country girl is messing around. A town girl will get one man : and always treat him swell. A yellow gal drinks her corn whiskey : and a brownskin do the same.

A big police : was knocking on my door. A hundred dollar bill : will make a broke man slobber. A woman with a strut : will make a good man holler. A woman with the strut : can always get a man. A man cocked a pistol : right in my face. A woman walked with me baby : to buy me one drink of shine. A certain party : that I know. A falsehearted woman : ooo well well is the downfall of me.

A district attorney : sure is hard on a man. A nickel is a nickel : and a dime is a dime. Would you take a poor??? May ; Pm Yz L Yes today has been : a long old lonesome day. Don't you never drive : a stranger from your door. Takes a rocking chair to rock mama : a rubber ball to roll.

Says today has been : a long old lonesome day. I done everything : a poor??? Won't be no need : a sing this lonesome song. Just let me tell you : a thing or two. You can make : a fool of me. The big boat is up the river : a turning around and around. Now it's C for Chicago : A for Arkan. Today has been : a long old lonesome day.

Carries a gun in her pocket : a dagger in her hair. There's : a great big mystery. I got a bed in my bedroom : a pallet on my floor. Now a yellow gal rides in an automobile : a brownskin gal rides the same. Now a yellow gal will kiss you she will kiss you awful sweet : a brownskin gal do the same. I can't live over here mama : a long way from my home.

Rt RL If you want to be : a goodtime man. Been a poor boy : a long way from home. Did you ever love a girl : a girl you hate to lose. Louis, 20 Feb. It's such a miserable feeling : a feeling I do despise. Louis, 21 Feb. It's done got so tight : a man can't get a decent meal. Can make a blind man see : a lame man walk. Jellyroll is a thing : a man won't do without.

I am an old bumblebee : a stinger just as long as my arm. Now it don't make no difference sweet little old honey : a how you trying to carry on. Her hair look just like : a chinchilla coat. Now you must not have : a tooth in your head. What you say you were calling : a storm has blown the wires down. I was bonedown weary : a low and ache aching head. Now it's some folks says : a preacher won't steal. The other night : a man named Willie come and stole my gal away. Dorsey, Thomas A. Now don't never take : a married woman to be your friend.

Have a handful of giveme : a mouthful of muchobliged. That's the onliest woman : a mortgage on my soul. Now the government furnish you a milkcow : a rooster and some portion of hen. I never seen : a judge as mean as you before. MeM Yz L I tried to love you : a long time ago. I tried hard : a long time. I got a man : a real handsome one. Oh I wish I had me : a heaven of my own. Then I'd give all my women : a long long happy home. Sell it to the nice brown : a standing in the door. He sells as fast : a hog can chew his corn.

She always takes : a candy stick to bed. Bought my gal : a great big diamond ring. Takes a longtailed monkey : a shorttailed dog. Takes a good old fireman : a cool kind engineer. I wear a scorpion for my watch fob : a rattlesnake for my chain. It I'm feeling tomorrow : a like I feel today. The food you cook : a hound dog sick. Lord today has been : a long lonesome day.

Lord today has been : a long old lonesome day. Sometimes I think : a good man these women ain't never seen. Don't never drive : a stranger away from your door. May ; Pm Rt RL I hardly know what in this world baby : a good man can do. Thinking about the trouble : a good man always have. Everybody's got to have : a little bit of loving sometime. Well a mean old fireman : a cruel old engineer. Bring me a nickel's worth of liver : a dime's worth of stew.

Bring me a nickel's worth of liver : a dime's worth of grease. She will come downstairs : a towel was tied around her head. That's a long that's a long : a long old tiresome road. That's a long old road : a long road that has no end. You see your good looks didn't hold your man : a little black gal's loving stole your man away.

Every time she makes a spread : a cold chill runs all over me. Says you going to have : a rounder for your own. My woman's got a new way of loving : a monkeyman can't catch on. Jones, Jake; Monkeyin' Around; Dallas, c. Never drive : a beggar from your door. Said cook that chicken : a sweet jellyroll. You done been across the country : a with my long clothes on. Got a lot to tell you : a that's been worrying me. I believe I'll buy me : a graveyard of my own.

Look like you could find you : a man somewhere. It's a crying pity : a lowdown dirty shame. Some folks say : a preacher won't steal. Try to wear away : a thing they call the feeling blues. Every time she shimmies : a skinny woman leaves her home. But you think : a good woman can be found anywhere. I have a brand new bed : a brand new stool.

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  • But I have a mind to care : a heart to love like anyone else. Because every man I get : a nogood woman steals him from me. Sometime : a drink make me act just like a doggone fool. I lay down last night : a thousand things on my mind. For you keeps me worried : a bothered all the time. And I found my Georgie : a way behind some hill. Just a nickel's worth of meal : a dime's worth of lard. Now some folks say : a preacher won't steal. And I got up this morning : a light all in my room.

    It takes a rocking chair to rock : a rubber ball to roll. It's hard to tell : a man is long long gone. But no matter what you say : a good woman never falls. You put on a sock : a boot and a shoe. Now just look what a difference : a little money can buy.

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    I'm going to get me : a khaki suit. Going on down the line : a little further now. And he would break : a leg I know. Back in Black Mountain : a child will smack your face. I've got a Kansas City man : a waiting there for me. You only had : a boot and a shoe. I feel like catching : a airplane and flying. Just have it printed in your paper : a little trouble between women and men.

    Smith, J. Last night you called me : a lowdown dirty name. Funny Paper; Before Long; Chicago, c. Don't you leave me here : a good gal I've been. I'm tired of old style loving : a modern man I'm forced to seek. Wasn't a drop of water in the pond : a when he got back. Louis, 27 Apr. Whoever said : a good man hard to find.

    I went out on the front porch : a walking about. Well she's all right : a good old kid. Sykes, Roosevelt; 3 6 and 9; Grafton, Wis. But she ain't the gal : a man should be worried with. And I may be gone baby : a doggone long long time. When I start to spend my money : a man pulled a great big gun.

    My favorite hike in America! Glacier National Park, Montana

    I'm going to build me : a heaven of my own. I was standing on the corner : a talking to my brown. If I only had me : a shelter of my own. Out in San Antone Texas : a long long ways from home. Even bought me : a great big diamond ring. Life is nothing but a jam : a constant jamboree. I just want to have : a talk with that teasing brown. Before your gal be with you : a yellow put you down. I'm going to buy you : a??? Oh now ain't it hard to have a home : a home and you can't go there no more. I'm talking about a man : a man by the name of John.

    When your pal buy your gal : a CocaCola. Wilson, Kid Wesley Leola B. Now I sent my baby : a brand new twenty dollar bill. If you ever been down mama : you know just how [I, a prisoner] feel. If you move away : then I can write [me] a few line. Good morning friends : I want [me] a drink of gin. My babe come running : [with a , she had] marriage license in her hand. Sykes, Roosevelt; Mr. Sykes Blues; Richmond, Ind. Lord I don't want no skinny woman : I want a a woman with aplenty of meat. That's a bowlegged woman : crazy about a crosseyed man. Hard to tell : about a man like me.

    There ain't no need to worry : times will bring about a change. Says I'm talking about a dollar : I mean a dollar bill. You hear about a job : now you is on your way. Folks I'm going to tell you : about a brand new song.

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    I'm crazy about a Packard : but my baby only rates a Ford. If you cry about a nickel : you die about a dime. What makes an old woman what makes an old woman : she go crazy about a right young man. Crazy about a married woman : afraid to call her name. Crazy about a nogood woman : scared to call her name.

    Then you will sit right down and worry : about a friend that you could gain. What make a single woman : crazy about a married man. What make a married woman : so crazy about a single man. Once I was crazy about a man : he mistreated me all the time. And lose his head : about a little piece of tail.

    Funny Paper; Honey Blues; Chicago, c. You taught me a lesson : about a Mr soandso. There's one thing about a wild cat : that he'll do. Says I worked in a leveecamp : just about a month ago. And when I tell you about a job : ooo Lord you say you don't want to talk. Now what's the use of me worrying about a Western Union man : when I have passenger plane. About a gallon and a half of muddy water : I had drank. Most times when I get hungry : I'm like a [drunk] man acting a clown. Funny Paper; Hungry Wolf; Chicago, c. Some sweet day : I say it's after a while. You having a good time now : but your troubles will be after a while.

    Well you laughing at me now mama : you'll be crying after a while. Well you drinking bad liquor : you'll be overtaken after a while. Oh your time now : be mine after a while. OK Her H Why these trifling gals : run after a good gal's man. Good time now : trouble after a while. It will do for a while : but it will jam you after a end. Son your trouble ain't now : but it sure be after a while. Thomkins, Jim; Bedside Blues; Memphis, c. It's your time now : be mine after a while. Well after a while : be all over now. That the life that you are living : will kill you after a while.

    I know there ain't a room in your heart for me : mama you loving someone else. Then I got to go through Death Valley : there ain't a house for twentyfive miles around. Asked my sugar for fifty cents : she said Lemon ain't a dime in the yard. Asked my baby for fifty cents : she said Lemon ain't a dime in the yard. Asked my sugar for fifty cents : said Leadbelly ain't a child in the yard.

    Mmm : baby your papa ain't a fool. Now I tell you all about that city : I declare it ain't a great large town. Spruell, Freddie; Mr. Freddie's Kokomo Blues; Chicago, 12 Apr. If you ain't a stone pony : ooo well hard times will bust your vest. And I asked my baby for fifty cents : she said honey ain't a child in the yard.

    Ain't a baker in town : can bake a sweet jellyroll like mine. Ain't a man in this town : can grind this coffee like mine. Ain't a horse in the country : I do swear my horse can't beat. Ain't a thing to the world mama : that I want you to do. I'm alike a prisoner : I'm always aworking the street. Ledbetter, Huddie; T. Woman Blues; New York, 23 Mar. And I woke up : I found out it was all a dream. I can hear the hell dog ringing : and the people all a crying.

    Kelly, Jack; Highway No. She caused me to steal : all a workingman could save. Say may come along a young heifer : and just tow your bull from home. Alook a here baby : you [going, traveling] too fast. It's always a sign : everybody knows it's true. I'm alike a prisoner : I'm always a working the street. Always a sign : everybody know you through. I am a rustling man : I go from town to town. I am a hardworking man : have been for many years I know. Say I know I am a criminal : but I always want to be free.

    I am a snake doctor : gang of womens everywhere I go. I am a rambling gambling man : I gamble in many towns. Thomas, Henry; Arkansas; Chicago, c. Now I am a free man : Lord and sleeping all alone. Now I am a man : that everybody knows. I am a little boy : [I'm crying all, I cried the whole] night long. I'll get a dollar and a quarter : I won't have to work hard as you. I ain't going to fool with no more women : and a mighty few men. Said a monkey and a baboon : setting in the grass.

    Slipping and a sliding : just like an automobile. Well I stood on the corner mama : and I looked two blocks and a half. Said this big fog go to rising : and a cyclone is right behind. Now I'm going to be a robber and a cheater : I'm going to take that to be my game. It's a little train leaving out of here : they call the C and A. Because I'm leaving in the morning : Lord on that C and A. Now when I had money : I had friends and a real good home. Because you working for a woman : and a sweetback man. Twentyfive minutes from evening : for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.

    She got Elgin movements : and a twentyyear guarantee. Give me a search warrant : and a great big hound. All I want is a search warrant : and a bottle of gin. I got a yellow gal : and a brown named Mame. That's Chinese women : and a doggone Dago man. You got a year and a day : to satisfy my mind. Now I got a heart full of trouble : and a suitcase full of blues.

    Staggered down the street : hollering and a fussing. She left me with a head full of trouble : and a head full of misery. I'm just a little skinny fellow : and a player is strong. It make a deaf woman hear : and a little baby talk. I beat my baby : man with a rope and a line. If you want some fun : and a real nice time. I got a brand new pistol : and a box of balls.

    I give my money : and a diamond ring. I've got a different system : and a way of my own. Pm Jo SM Going down to the river : take a rope and a rock. I'm going to get me a razor : and a gun. Spending and a lending : and it left me broke today. Four monkey wrenches : and a twohorse shay. Pair of old britches : and a bale of hay. Say I'm going buy me a terraplane : I swear and a VEight too. Now a bowlegged rooster : and a knockkneed hen. I's got me a wife : and a sweetheart too.

    That's a lying woman : and a monkeyman. Got great big legs : and a little bitty feet. Yes I'm a poor poor boy : and a great long way from home. I know to blow this jive : it's a sin and a shame. I'm going to buy me a gun : airplane and a submarine. My girl got a mean joker : and a he don't allow me around. Get me some eggs : and a nice pork chop.

    Cheap cigar : and a magazine. You got a face like a washboard : and a mouth like a tub. I tell you it's a mighty risk to run : and a mighty chance to take. I'm going to the river : with a rope and a rock. Jackson, Jim; Hesitation Blues; Memphis, c. I have Uneeda biscuits here : and a half a pint of gin. And hemming and a hawing : and acting just like a balky mule.

    Got a redeyed captain : and a squabbling boss. I find six or seven women : and a whole lots of fun. Bring me a pint of whiskey : and a bottle of beer. Some is crying with a sack of gold under each arm : and a loaf of bread in each hand. She got a mortgage on my body : and a lien on my soul.

    It's going to take two dollars and a quarter : I declare to send me a postal card. Just a few more days : and a few more nights ain't long. As long as : you make your two and a half a week. That's a twofaced woman : baby and a monkeyman. She got a lien on my body : and a mortgage on my soul. Take a boa constrictor : and a lemon stick. Call me a hotshot liar and a cheater : because I'm from Tennessee. Your southern can : worth two dollars and a half a pound. She's a long tall mama : five and a half from the ground.

    Oh there's a boa constrictor : and a lemon stick. Time I get me a sweetheart : and a??? She got a head full of diamonds : and a mouth chock full of gold. If I had swings : and a carpet bag. I'm going from hand to hand : and a woman going from man to man. You put on a sock : and boot and a shoe. I've been reeling and a rocking : hounded like a hound. Short time to make it : and a long ways to go. She got a smile on her face : and a heart packed full of frowns.

    You know a blind man saw her : and a dumb man called her name. Seem like he wants me to be a prowler : and a howling wolf all the time. Digging and a hauling : hauling that Birmingham coal. That's a twofaced woman : and a lying man. Just acutting and a slicing : got to tearing up the vine. She's aslipping and a stalling : in some dark alley. She's awinking and a blinking : at another man. In came the children : with a cup and a glass. She made a blind man see : and a dumb man talk. Now you ain't got nobody : and a good man's hard to find.

    Going to have a car and a woman : running on every road. Says a letter's too slow : and a telegram may get left. Because a letter too slow : and a telegram may get lost. I wouldn't allow snitching and a gambling : people around my home. Two and a half a potful : five dollars a cup. Says nickel is a nickel : and a dime a dime.

    Got a little bitty mama : and a big mama too. You have a nice line of jive : with a plow and a hoe.

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    2. Vandana Shiva: Die Kontrolle von Konzernen über das Leben/n(dOCUMENTA (13): 100 Notes - 100 Thoughts, 100 Notizen - 100 Gedanken # 012) (dOCUMENTA (13): 100 Notizen - 100 Gedanken) (German Edition)!
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    Now a nickel is a nickel : and a dime is a dime. Swing his arms and hands : and a few other things. Well well you said I was your friend : and a friend you sure did like. Well that a pity and a shame : ways the women treats the men. Well now let me tell you people : what the C and A will do for you. Mmm hate to hear : C and A whistle blow.

    I show you difference in a mother and a wife : ooo well my wife done throwed me away. It's a boa constrictor : and a lemon stick. I can ask her for a nickel : she gives me ten and a dime. The police and a sergeant : they's acoming after me. It take a??? She wanted me to go down to the welfare store : and a sack of that welfare flour. Says they give you a can of them beans : and a can or two of them old tripe.

    And a since I been a broke man : nobody seems to want to go my way. And a blind man see her : dumb man call her name. Bell, Ed; Mamlish Blues; Chicago, c. And a lowdown nogood woman : is the cause of it all. And a woman run out and hollered : scared my mule away.

    And a Gypsy women : she comes and reads my mind. And a blackheaded girl : will make a preacher ball the jack. And a mouthful of lip : I guarantee it's everywhere. And a good strong brownskin : man it's tight like that. And a bowlegged mama : make a snail catch a passenger train. And a notion struck me : Lord I believe I'll go out west. And a brownskin woman : like something fit to eat.

    And a real kind woman :??? Welsh, Nolan; St. Said anything a kidman do : well it bes all right. The gin is mighty fine : them biscuits are a little too thin. There are a hundred men Lordy : [standing] all around my bed. You are a longways traveler : long ways from your home. We can be buddies : you are a good scout. You are a lying sweet woman : so get up and out of that mud. Twenty grand is the fastest race horse : that ever run around a track. When she throws her arms around poor me : like the circle around a like the circle around the.

    Throwed them sweet arms around me : like a grape vine around a stump. She got a new way of getting down : have to get low as a toad. Says I been a good fellow : just as good as a man could be. He made him a snout : just as long as a rail. Now just as sure as a freight train : rolls up in the yard.

    Big as an elephant : strong as a mule. Now I got a gal : she is big as a bull. I'm as loving : as a woman can be. Says some men you know they're straight : some crooked as a barrel of snakes. Got ways like a monkey : as sly as a fox. I'm hungry as a hound : I can't travel nowhere. Skin on her head : just as tight as a drum. You was beat and raggedy : as a mop. Know you trying to be mean babe : and use me as a child. Honey honey : you sweet as a plum. He as pretty as a white dog : but he ain't worth a doggone dime.

    There's a brown across town : and she's taller as a sycamore tree. But to tell you the truth man : she is as soft as a butterball. She's a fair made woman : and she's cunning as a squirrel. She's a brownskin woman : just as sweet as a girl friend can be. Bedbugs big as a jackass : he will bite you and stand and grin. Just as sure as a sparrow mama : babe flying in the air. Got me stone crazy about her : as a doggone fool can be.

    She got me stone crazy about her : as a goodlooking woman can be. Babe just as sure as a blackbird : flies in the skies above. Because their husbands'll grab you : and beat you ragged as a cedar tree. He's the one will make you balky : or as high as a kite. I'm just as crazy crazy : as a poor girl can be. I was sitting in my kitchen : just as quiet as a lamb. And if he hits you with either one : same as a charge from a dynamite. If he hits you with that left duke : same as a kick from a Texas mule. Just as soon : as a train mama makes up in the yard.

    Now I'm sorry that I mistreated her : just as sorry as a man can be. You know you're as sweet : as a candy doll. Squeeze me : till I get as little as a gnat. I was nice I was kind : as a poor girl could be. Bedbugs big as a jackass : will bite you and stand and grin. Then my eyes start to jumping : then I'm dangerous as a doggone lion. You want me to be humble to you : as a lamb. I'm just as lonesome : as a young man can be.

    Because I done got drunk : and I'm blue as a poor man can be. Just as sure as a bluebird : flies in the skies above. And I get crazy : as a loon. Well now I was sitting in the parlor : just as dumb as a lamb. He had me almost crazy : as a doggone girl could be. I used to ask a question : then answer that question myself. Funny Paper; Fool's Blues; Chicago, c.

    I asked a married woman : to let me be her kid. We never have one gal : at a time. See my baby : at a dirty act. I never loved one woman : no more at a time. Campbell, Gene; Wandering Blues; Chicago, c. I'm going to stop at a place : I haven't never been before. But the monkey stopped : at a??? Looked up at a sign : that said no free meals today. Lord I was at a party last night : I was out there till about half past two. She didn't have no worry : didn't have a lick at a snake. Avalon's a small town : have no great big range.

    But you just cheat : away a beautiful home. I'm going to stay away a long time : ooo well well like I did once before. You think you can get my money : that is going to be your D B A. Oh that must've been a bedbug : baby a chinch can't bite that hard. I wrote my baby a letter : she send me a telegram. Mama it must have been a bedbug : baby a chinch can't bite that hard. Now Santa Claus : I want you to bring my baby a lot of toys.

    My baby's a crapshooter : and she shoots them like a man. Says I'd rather be a catfish : down in the Gulf of Mexico. Now you take him for your sweet : take me to be a slave. I used to be a joker : now I'm going to make a change. It must be a black cat bone : jomo can't work that hard. July ; Pm Yz L admin