Herbs and Your Health, What Heals and Whats Hogwash

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It helps [users] meditate and get in touch with their God. It helps them find a peaceful, contemplative inner voice. While a generic stereotype of Rastafari is that they just sit around smoking pot and not doing much else, marijuana is known for its demotivating effects — so how much truth is there in this? Instead, marijuana allows them to see past the world of material possessions and self-destructive pleasures. But what of these self-destructive pleasures? Could smoking marijuana not be classified fairly accurately as a self-destructive pleasure as well?

Some studies have shown that diagnoses of schizophrenia or psychosis are over three times more common in African American people ; if this is correct then the detrimental side-effects of smoking marijuana could be exacerbated further. Robert Pfeifer MSW, founder of Sober College rehab center , says that the dangers of marijuana are hugely underestimated.

Memory issues, attention, concentration and coordination issues and cognitive impairments are just some of the by-products of their use. This article is hogwash, and supposes a racial link to schizophrenia instead of the obvious and recognized links with poverty and disenfranchised. As well the links between cannabis and schizophrenia have long been rulled out by serious science, there are no no rising rates of schizophrenia coinciding with rising rates of cannabis use.

Also the amount of Rastas that do not use cannabis, is a small fraction, much smaller than say the amount of Christians who do use cannabis. How absurd! And I say that as someone who thinks it should be fully legalized. Thanks Emily, I thought this was interesting. Thanks for your comments, and thanks for reading Points. Attempts to get a comment from PHD Ministries spokesperson Admire Mango were fruitless, as his mobile phone was not being answered, while he did not respond to questions sent to him. October 31, at am. Africans we will die poor because our minds have deeply been colonized by the Europeans to doubt what we can achieve on our own.

People are open minded when it comes to issues like legalizing weed and prostitution but when something that seems constructive comes we critisise it without giving it a chance. Akakuudzai kuti chikoro ndicho chega chinopedza nhamo akakanganisa chaizvo. October 31, at pm.

Crystal Healing: Magical Cure or Just a Rock? | Science-Based Life

When you are talking about scientific medical breakthroughs it is not the same as announcing to a gullible congregation that so-called sick people have been miraculously healed at the PHD shrine. It was not an over night discovery but a rigorous exercise of medical brilliance that took many years to accomplish. Ps google is not the only source of information. I dare you also tmutekwe to start something new which many have tried and failed and not to always do what everyone else has done such as google information everytime to support a point made in a newspaper article.

The reason you know Prophet Magaya is at least he is trying something new. Saka terenzi urikuti dai hurumende yakangoti its ok magaya ahead and sell since zvabva kuna Mwari? Chii chakaipa kuti ivhenekwe like all other medicines? Why did he jump the gun? Being an academic is irrelevant. Any discerning mind can easily tell that this is a money-making scam by the fake, self-proclaimed prophet.

He has duped many unsuspecting gullible followers countless times in the past and thought he could extend it but this time his message was poorly sent out.

Sadly we still have some few who will fall prey to this scam despite much publicised warnings. I can confidently say the only way you know Prophet Magaya is from newspaper articles you read online or from stories you here from people kumaraini. Its utter desperation for Magaya to gatecrash into the scientific realm when he is clearly at sixes and sevens about how science deals with its body of knowledge.

Find out how your support can make a huge difference and change lives.

And these so-called PHD Indian partners how many of them are bona fide scientists and what research papers have they produced and published in academic journals towards their AIDS breakthrough? February 1, at am. One faithful day i was searching on line if i could get some tips on how to cure my illness and i saw a comment on how DR SAM cure HERPES VIRUS with herbs,i was surprise and i contacted him on the email they provided on the comment and i explain my problem to him and he also prepare the herbs and send to me which i use for one week as i was instructed by him and after 2weeks i went to hospital for checkup and i tested Negative and i am fully cured from the disease and i am so greatful to DR SAM.

Journalists please report accurately. Your first statement and headline makes it seem as though the government said they would not license this even after testing. Comment…Let his followers use the aguma just as they use the annointed water. After all Zimbabwe is a free country.. Hundres flock to his Waterfalls shrine in Harare. The real spirit in Walter is coming out slowly but sure. Just watch the space.

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Anamunyamabika tichakuonai hedu makuenda pa waterfalls apa muchiita zvekunyangira muchitsvagawo cure iyi. This is all hogwash, one the Aguma is not yet on sale and also testing is being done. Why is this government keen on blocking such God inspired innovations, why block the man of God, is this the Zimbabwe is open for business when such Godly innovations that will save lives are blocked like this.

Why not call in the Man of God and hear his side of the story. We salute you Prophet Walter Magaya, you inspire us and we will always support your God inspired innovations. Why not just prove him right or wrong by testing the medicine? After this then we can start commenting. That alone is enough reason to supplement with it in your diet. However, some say a shot of wheatgrass can replace upwards of 2 lbs. You still need to eat fresh vegetables. So where is the line between truth and exaggeration? While shockingly little research has been conducted on wheatgrass, there are some health claims we can back up with science.

Here are a few superpowers daily wheatgrass consumption may actually have, according to studies. Acidic foods, like meat and dairy, can weaken bones over time, so any additional plant ingestion, especially the potent plant activity of wheatgrass, can provide a healthful boost. Beyond that, most wheatgrass claims are unfounded by science. These things have simply not been proven and documented in a research setting. Along with other highly anti-oxidizing, anti-inflammatory treatments?

But it is not a one shot wonder. Health is a holistic journey; there is no miracle cure.

Why I’m a Wheatgrass Convert

Everyone is different, but the high antioxidant activity of wheatgrass has potential benefits for everyone. If you are gluten-sensitive, know that gluten only resides in the seeds.

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The pure grass and juice is percent gluten-free. As a new wheatgrass convert, allow me to share my story:. I was skeptical about wheatgrass at first. How could this little shot of green elixir improve my health? For me, it meant acne, insulin sensitivity, hormonal imbalance, cycle dysregulation, unexplained weight gain and a myriad of other smaller, annoying symptoms.

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