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The pressure builds up. If you do this for years, it blows up! You feel a mix a of emotions — anger if expressed outward, depression if expressed inward. Then, it is only a matter of time before your body fails you.

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If your body fails you, only imagine what can happen to your heart? Ancient spiritual teachers spoke the truth when they said our task is not to find love, but merely to remove all blocks we have built against it. This all starts with your mind. Your will flows through your heart, and pulls you toward what you truly value in life. When you embrace it, you find meaning.

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When you block it, you find pain. Whenever your behaviors conflict with your will, whenever you think and act against Truth, tension grows within yourself. Strain turns into pain.

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Anger, anxiety, and depression follow with certainty, as darkness follows the sunset. This is why Jesus said that the kingdom divided against itself will be destroyed, and the house divided against itself will fall Mark — For an example, I have a friend who is project manager for a financial corporation. However, her dream is to open a restaurant. Her spirit is willing to start this new business.

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Every time she thinks about her calling, her heart fills with joy. She feels love flowing through her. She stays in her job without the true will to do so. Everyone envies her. She feels even worse when she looks around her because she has no apparent reason to feel depressed:.

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The greater the gap between what love calls you to do and what you actually do, the deeper the depression you can fall into. The way to find joy is to leave the cage, not to decorate it and make it prettier. Why do you think the waiting rooms of psychologists and psychiatrists are filled with successful people who realized after twenty or thirty years of work that money, a career, a house in the suburbs do not bring peace of mind and joy of heart? They keep hoping that by changing the external conditions of their lives—earn more money, be in better physical shape, have another partner, or travel more—it will change how they feel.

It never works because the emptiness is not around them. The emptiness is within them. The only way to come back to life is to acknowledge and follow the voice arising from your heart, calling you to return to love, to return to Truth. An old proverb states that if you follow your heart in life, you will not have regrets. You will be defeated, you will suffer, but you will not have regrets. All of us are familiar with the pain and suffering of having a dream and not knowing how to make it a reality.

But pain and suffering are not the same. They are opposite to each other. Pain is unbearable because Truth is denied, and lies are made real in your mind. Excuses create pain because you are not using your mind to think how you can fulfill your will, but rather to make real the reasons why your love should be ignored and Truth rejected. Sign Up. See more of Yuumei on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Related Pages.

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