Reflections of Challenges and Triumphs

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All rights reserved. Email: sphsu-triumph glasgow. Skip to content. Even when times were tough, I still found something to write about—no matter how tersely—in my journal. I figured it was a positive sign. To those pursuing their goals—be tenacious. And best wishes to all my classmates on the next step in their journeys.

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Gomez is a graduating medical student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She has a passion for patient empowerment, especially in the context of the family, and will start her pediatric residency in June Mary enjoys creating, exploring and growing things in her free time. More Posts. Great blog post and very encouraging. I taught medical students for three decades and am always glad to see that, despite the grueling educational experience, the rewards can outweigh the difficulties. Best wishes on an educational and productive residency!

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  • Thank you for your comments! I find it is good to be grateful and reflective in any modality, so good for you!

    Reflections of Challenges and Triumphs

    Thank you also for your service of teaching medical students! Congratulations Friend! You do it all! Love you! Gomez on May 26, Courtesy: US Air Force.

    What are the challenges of group work and how can I address them?

    All of you are going to work in the vineyard. You must leave now! At the depot in her hometown of Poleno, all five Zisblatt family members were crammed into a railroad car with more than other Jews.

    Identities, Struggles, and Triumphs in Graduate School and Beyond

    Crossing that border was terrifying because word had spread: Many people who end up in Poland never return. Babies were crying and Nazis yelling, 'Get out now!

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    From the Birkenau tower and for the next half-mile, thousands of Hungarian Jews stood shivering in the cold and trembling with fear. She had no idea the work forced on the Jews would be the most disgusting and heinous humankind can conjure. Nor did she understand why the air she was trying to breathe was so different from the air in her homeland.

    That's because the crematorium at the camp was blazing day and night.

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    She kept holding until a Nazi beat her fingers with a baton. The breaking of the bone broke her grip. Never a moment to let your guard down, to smile, to even think about freedom.

    Java Challenges #11 - Annotations, Reflection, getDeclaredFields

    There was no room in her psyche to dream. Smiled at me. His white coat was starched and smelled fresh," she recalls.

    The Power of Reflection - See the Triumph

    Then he asked my name. I answered in Hungarian and told him my Hebrew name. When liberation came to the camp, she found her way to New Jersey and discovered a new life with an uncle. She married, began a family and tried to sleep through the night without dreaming about the hell she had survived. admin