Touch the Stars: Emergence

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We will go on an exploration of energy beyond the seven chakras. This is not for divination purposes but inner reflection of the nature of consciousness, our path of human experiences and spiritual discovery.

Touch the Stars: Emergence

We also will touch on planetary archetypes and the art of Karmic astrology. I will introduce you to other charts beyond the natal birth chart to set you up for an intermediate level of studies and contemplation astrologically. It would be useful to have at least the basic level of understanding of zodiac signs and natal birth chart basics to get full benefit of this course. Note all of these modalities take years of devoted studies and practice to master. This course provides the frame work and utensils to begin.

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Understanding energy is different for each of us and we all learn at different rates. Intuition and spiritual awakening also is very individualistic therefore all must enter into these studies with no expectations but simply curiosity and patience with your path and ability to integrate higher levels of awareness.

My hope is to give you the tools to begin that journey. Included in this program is four books, one deck of Tarot cards and a journal, which is covered in the tuition.

The Birth of the Sun

This course is limited to seven lovely ladies. Refunds are available until October 13th, no refunds after this date.

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Preferred method of payment is cash or check. Be gentle They're newly reborn, so they'll fall apart easily.

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Sou omowanai? What's gotten into me?

To Touch the Stars

Feeling this brand-new, hot feeling Like it's binding up my chest, an unknown sense and feeling Something's missing, don't you think? It's rouge and makeup more than nail polish. Sou Emergence Vibe furueteru yorokobi o shitta hane ga Mou kinou to wa chigau koto Yes, emergence vibe, these wings that know the joy of being touched I'm different than yesterday If you understand, be stronger Yes, enticing you into relaxation's cave with a smile that knows joy Realize I'm overflowing, for what I've always wanted. Sore ga owatta no nara, habataite mo ii koro Kirei na iro no hane o, kiite mite ii deshou?

When it's over, it's a good time for me to fly away Is it too much to ask for beautifully-colored wings?

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From project-imas. Jump to: navigation , search. Sou ne wana ni ochite mitai Generation You're trapped, you know? Tabun, tomaranaku naru wa yo Evolution You're curious, aren't you?

Emergence (episode)

Sotto yasashiku Umarekawatta bakari, sugu ni kowarechau kara Hey, emergence vibe, my still-weak wings quiver If you still wanna touch them And leave Nail marks Category : Songs. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last modified on 17 May , at

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